Honey Jones-Hughes

W1555 – Conversations with an Accidental Community

A documentary-style work about the community of neighbours living between numbers 15 and 55 on Wolphaertstraat, Oud Charlois.

Initiated by Honey Jones-Hughes, a resident in this community for the last two years, the conversations take place during a period of renovation, where the homes of her and her neighbours are being rebuilt as part of a project by Woonstad Rotterdam. The film explores the histories of these houses, the residents, and the hopes for the future of this community in a state of flux. 

With thanks to all my neighbours in W1555, Geo Wyeth & Jay Tan, Kamiel Verschuren, Sol Archer, Antonio de la Hera, Jeanette Orrell, Steffan Jones-Hughes.

Soundtrack by : NEWK, listentomerijn

Sound recorded and mixed by Nick Thomas

Produced with the support of a CBK Rotterdam PPR Grant, and Charlois Speciaal. 

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