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Based in Rotterdam since 2017, I'm an artist working in social practice and design thinking through collaborative actions in order to work towards real-time change. I work in a range of media including documentary video, games, interviews, workshops and publication – allowing collections of these things to curate together snapshots into lives, cities, or social groups at particular moments in time. My projects and works, which are often co-authored or co-created, ask us to question our lives in relation to social issues such as urban renewal, climate anxiety, and food sovereignty. 

Since 2020 I've been working primarily with Antonio de la Hera, questioning modern agricultural and technological mythologies, resource scarcity, supply chains, infrastructures and sustainable economies in relation to our direct environment. 

Do you want to work together, have an idea, or just have a chat?

I am always open to invitations, new collaborations, meeting new people, and going to new places. Feel free to get in touch– honeyjoneshughes

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