Honey Jones-Hughes



The object of the game was to build a new city on a plot of land over both sides of the River Maas. Guided by ‘The Creative Talent’ (Honey Jones-Hughes and Daniel Tuomey) who had been asked by the government to oversee the construction of a new city- each player selected three cards at random: 1 character, 1 personality trait and 1 building task. Each player was then required to complete the building task allocated, letting the their age, personality traits, and occupation guide their decisions. The game play was then interrupted at regular intervals by a sequence of challenges (UHOH! cards) which were announced by The Creative Talent forcing interactions and collaborations between players.

The players had a limited amount of materials available to them (cardboard, coloured paper, glue, aluminium foil tins, wooden sticks, string, craft knives, colouring pens and pencils), and there was a cut out ‘game board’ in the shape of the River Maas laid out on the floor in anticipation of the game beginning. 

Documented by: Marta Hryniuk 

At W_lf_rt Project Space, Rotterdam. 

Played by: Nick Thomas, Daphne Simons, Jake Caleb, Annabelle Binnerts, Jakob Forster, Matheline Marmy, Teddy Coste, Josie Perry, Jamie Kane, Angelica Falkeling, Jānis Dzirnieks, Jacco Jansen, Dieuwke Eggink. 

With thanks to Daniel Tuomey, Marta Hryniuk, and Bernd Krauß. 

Part of the wider project De Ruimte Voor You (The Space For You) 2018-19

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